Two gauge console PSI with 32” hose

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  • Two gauge console PSI with 32” hose
  • Manometer (SPG63)63mm-2.5”
  • 1-piece brass body.
  • Inner mechanism: coiled copper beryllium
  • Bourdon tube
  • Rack and pinion movement for smooth and precise operation
  • Polycarbonate transparent window
  • Plastic-rubber cover with connecting loop.
  • Depth gauge (MDI63) 63 mm-2.5”
  • Copper Beryllium diaphragm.
  • 340° degrees scale with wide reading in the first half of the scale.
  • Adjustable screw for altitude diving.
  • Luminous, easy-to-read dial.
  • Easy-to-read and reset, red maximum depth indicator.

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